Archels is a premium brand specialized in leather. We are bringing together rebellious attitude and classic elegance into timeless products inspired by subcultures of the 1950s-1960s.

The brand was founded in 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden by Chris Archels with his fiancée. The plans already started in 2013 when Chris creative mind started to form the brand, but the plans where put on hold. Six years later, with his fiancée and a baby on the way, the timing was even worse but it was the right time for Archels to be born.

Our first leather jackets was sold out fast and then the pandemic put things on hold. Then Chris decided to take on the challenge to make the best leather jacket he could and still be able to sell it for a price resonable price. While moving all production to Europe and working hard to make this happen, it felt like a natural choice to also start making shoes as Chris had experience of designing shoes for other brands earlier. He always had a hunger for making his own shoes. Developing his own last, choosing the materials and designing all details the Archels way. In the meantime the journey with the jackets went on, Chris went from manufacturer to manufacturer, tannery to tannery to find the perfect calf leather for Archels. After a whole year of frustration he found a tannery in Portugal that could do the exact leather he had in mind, but the challenges didn’t end there. Every detail needed to be perfect and he also wanted luxury zippers which was an almost impossible mission for small quantities. Two years later he finally signed a deal with a luxury zipper supplier and could start developing the new leather jackets he had dreamed of for over three years. You will feel Chris’ love for leather, all the hard work, perfect details and style in all of our products.

2023 will be the year Archels leather jackets is switching from side A to side B. Side B is our luxury side that will spin from now on. Let’s put the needle on the vinyl record and start the first track ”The Trucker Jacket”, then let the record spin and enjoy the upcoming tracks.